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 More Than Conquerors

 Youth Corner...

 Enter At Your Own Risk!!! 

It's Fall Again!


Gratitude Journals

Don't Stop Giving Thanks!

Please continue to give thanks in your gratitude journals.

Let's see how much you have to be thankful for!

And don't forget the small things (to you but not to others) i.e. food, clothing, shelter, mother, father.

Who's In Your Circle?

By Min. Sherry Gordon

I wish I could have met King Solomon.  I would have told him to get some new friends, or in his case, girlfriends.  As king of Israel, Solomon had quite a lot going for him.  He was the wealthiest man that ever lived, and when he asked God for the gift of wisdom, he became the wisest also.

It seemed like Soloman had it all, yet in the book of Ecclesiastes, which he also wrote, we find Solomon depressed and looking for meaning in all the wrong places.  Solomon went from a man doing great things for God to someone whose actions greatly angered the Lord. Studying his life made me curious to see what it was that made him stray so far off course.

I believe the secret may lie in who he chose as friends.  King Solomon allowed others to influence him.  This was probably one of his biggest mistakes.  If we aren't careful, the same thing can happen to us.  The people in our lives can have a major affect on us.  They can influence our behaviors and lead us to make decisions that we will later regret. 

Do your closest friends point you toward God or do they lead you away from him? 

 So, ask yourself..."Who's in your circle?"

Parents...Listen Up!

Scream-Free Parenting!

Featured Author: Hal Runkel

Book:  Scream-Free Parenting:  Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

A licensed marriage and family therapist and a former pastor, Hal Runkel has provided some advice to equip parents with all they need without resorting to coercion, force, fear, begging, bribery, or screaming.  In his book, he exposes a pivotal truth:  "No one, not even your kids, can make you feel or do anything.  They can't push you over the edge."  Before you ask the question...he does have kids of his own (lol). 

The book exposes that one of our biggest enemies is our emotional reactivity.   It is what happens when our anxiety gets the best of us, and we act in ways that are actually contrary to our intentions.  As parents we are called to launch our children into adulthood with the best examples of being adults. So our emotions and our relationships, how we act and take care of ourselves, does really matter.

Our primary responsibility as parents is to create a Christian home that nurtures our children's self direction.  How do we want to relate with our kids, regardless of our past influences or their present behavior? Hal Runkel prompts parents to truly investigate the "whys" behind our responses to our children's behavior. 

Get a copy of this book and start your journey to scream-free parenting!


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