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Our goal is to equip women with the tools to become better wives, mothers, citizens, mentors and vessels fit for the master's use.

Three words characterize the execution of our mission:

  • Build strong women in evangelistic ministry;
  • Develop women to a place where they discover their calling;
  • Implement the Word of God that we are not just hearers of the Word but doers of God's Word!

If we build, develop and implement, we can fulfill the great commission.  We not only can assist in impacting the lives of others,

but in our local assembly, we can be helpers of one another.


As a "Refuge" for women and others our ministry has actively

 impacted our church and community in the following ways...

  • Annual Women's Conference 
  • Women's Shelter Ministry
  • Evangelistic Outreach to Needy Families
  • Monthly Ministry Enrichment Services
  • Partnering with Local Women's Outreach Ministry
  • College Scholarships


Women's Retreat


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